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Studying abroad requires a great deal of planning and preparation.

Agarwal Overseas Education Service are professionals who know and evaluate good study abroad opportunities. We provide students with the information they need to choose on education options overseas. Our goal is to help find good study abroad experience one is looking for… Students can get whatever information they need on syllabus, fees, courses, and specialization’s in various field. Students could select appropriate studies for higher education and professional qualifications and also acquire well-documented information. Agarwal Overseas Education Service has taken care to see that the entire information on various topics including science, technology, hospitality, commerce, art and design, engineering, media, vocational studies along with the course requirements is readily available. Career path and opportunities relating to particular studies has been projected. Our office has earned student popularity.

Our President has widely traveled abroad & undergone specialized training at various universities around the globe. The management has a total of over 22 years of experience in the field of overseas education.

Established in the year 1995, Agarwal Overseas Education Service is a leading overseas education consultant. Founded on the principle of “Learning for a Living” we are now in our 21st season.

Agarwal Overseas Education Service, (AOES) credits itself for providing right guidance and counseling students aspiring to go abroad.

Agarwal Overseas Education Service (AOES) guides and monitors students throughout the selection process and provide practical advice on topics including safety, budgeting and travel arrangements.

Matching a student to a program requires a thorough assessment of their educational background, life experiences, capabilities and interests. AOES helps students with applications, finding the right educational institution, helps choose the program or find one perfect course. AOES helps students with visas, transcript verification and course equivalencies. At AOES, we prepare students for the TOEFL/IELTS/ GRE/ GMAT tests.

AOES assists students through every step of the decision making process from the very first consideration to the journey itself.

AOES has procured marketing rights of many prestigious colleges/universities offering a wide range of courses in U.S.A, U.K., Canada, Ireland, Germany, Czech, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

  • Selection of academic programmes tailored to interest of student community.
  • Recommendation of universities/colleges, schools in overseas countries
  • Information on course structure, academic requirements, eligibility for admission, admission procedure, expenses and assistance in obtaining admission.
  • Information on availability of student bank loans.
  • Assistance in obtaining visa, making final travel arrangements.
  • Pre-departure briefings.

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